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Often times, we grow used to the wonderful people in our lives that we forget to tell them how amazing they are. Send a Compliment Card today and tell them the wonderful qualities and actions you see in them!

Our Story

A kindness initiative from the University
of Chicago to the world.

Xuan Zhao

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Chicago
Nicholas Epley

John T. Keller Professor of
Behavior Science,
University of Chicago

The Compliment Hub is created as part of a research initiative at the University of Chicago led by Dr. Xuan Zhao and Dr. Nicholas Epley. In this project, we investigate the psychology of giving and receiving compliments in different cultures.

By sending a compliment, you will spread some kindness to important people in your life, and you will also contribute to the scientific understanding of what makes compliments so powerful and essential in people's daily lives!

Special Thanks to:
Tianyi Xie (New York University) for designing the website
Kevin Xiang, Esen Erdemgil, and Tiffany Zhang (Brown) for creating the website.

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